handle variable with a dot not supported

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handle variable with a dot not supported

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(tripped upon while working on
chart library

LBB as LB allows using (.) in names of variables
But it doesn't allow using such variable as handle variable
In following example, LB produces 3 circles
while LBB errors on 3rd circle, compile-time.

Code: Select all

some.var$="some variable"
print some.var$ 'no problem

print handle1$ 'no problem
print thisIs.handle2$ 'no problem

graphicbox #main.gr, 10, 10, 300, 300
open "test" for window as #main
#main "trapclose [quit]"
#main.gr "down; home"

'using native handle
#main.gr "circle 30"

'using handle variables
#handle1$ "circle 40"

#thisIs.handle2$ "circle 50"    'errs here with "unknown handle"

#main.gr "flush"

    close #main