'Comment' character(s)

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'Comment' character(s)

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Hi there,

I'm using and old (but extremely powerfull and configurable!) editor: ConTEXT from SynEdit and run LBB in command line mode. Most people I know use Notepad++ (wich I use too for other prog languages) but this ConTEXT is my preferred for LB Booster and it can configure almost anything including the "comment line" character(s).

For reading/colouring convenience reasons, I would like to have my "comments" marked (preceeded) with /* but doing so will just end with a "syntax error" when compiled by LBB.

Is there a way to change/replace the usual "single quote" by a "slash+star" in LBB?
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Re: 'Comment' character(s)

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I'm not sure that you can do block comments, but in respect of an editor for LBB, if you don't want to use the LBB editor, try LB Workshop. I use it for all my editing. Although it is old and no longer supported, it was written specifically for LB and works with Windows 10 ( I have not yet updated to Windows 2004). It includes all sorts of LB goodies. The Construction Tools are particularly useful. The only time I move from it is to do an EXE compilation and then I just load it into the LBB editor and compile it.