NEW > Quick EXE for Just Basic v2.0 & Liberty Basic 4.5.1

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NEW > Quick EXE for Just Basic v2.0 & Liberty Basic 4.5.1

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The following code will create EXE files from a Selected .bas file using LB Booster.

Each EXE file is appended with the date/time and placed in a folder named BAS2EXE which is created in DefaultDir$ on first use.

Then Explorer opens to the location of the new EXE file.

Please read the top of the code and follow any instructions.

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'QuickEXE using LB Booster (Automated) - now Automates downloading the LBB.exe file
'No longer need to - Download LBB.exe and LBRUN.exe from this page -
'No longer need to - Save them to the same folder as this file RUN's from (DefaultDir$)
'created by xxgeek
'Sept 2023
'Edited Nov 2023 - added ability to download LBB.exe (User is given a choice)
'Edited Mar 2024 - changed EXE location to BAS2EXE dir (created on first use)
'                           - can now choose .bas files in DefaultDir$ too.
'                           - added date/time to EXE filename_
'                           - _no longer a worry of overwrites when quick testing
'Copy this code to a file in a folder of it's own before RUN'ing (QuickEXE will create files in it's folder)

'Copies the selected .bas file to BAS2EXE dir, then automates LBB exe file creation to create the new EXE file in DefaultDir$(same folder this code is RUN'ing from)
'Overwrites any existing .bas file of same name in BAS2EXE dir. Does not affect Original file
'If existing EXE file of same name resides in BAS2EXE dir Automation Stops
'_ and the User is asked to Overwrite. Does not affect Original unless confirmed by user.
'_ the User must manually close the Information window showing the path to "Saved As" file

'There may be a window pop up asking to overwrite an existing exe file of same name
'The automation takes care of that too after a couple of seconds, defaulted to "No" by design" :)

'Please Wait Long Enough
'If you wait, and no existing filename of the new exe file exists, all open windows will/should close eventually. No need to start closing windows manually, and if you do will most likely cause a crash, or no exe file.
'Very tricky timing things in the code to suit any file size, or any old PC.
'If you have issues, we can try to work them out.

'NOTE: If your .bas won't pass the LB Booster compiler check, creating the exe won't work.

   if fileExists(DefaultDir$, "LBB.exe") = 0 then
        confirm "You will need the LB Booster Executable File"+chr$(13)+chr$(13)+"Download LBB.exe Now?";answer$
        If answer$<>"yes" then end
        cursor hourglass
        run "curl -O",hide
        WindowWidth = 250:WindowHeight = 53
        UpperLeftX= int((DisplayWidth-WindowWidth)/2)
        UpperLeftY= int((DisplayHeight-DisplayHeight))+155
        statictext #down.text, "Downloading LBB.exe", 30,20,240,20
        open "Downloading LBB.exe" for window_popup as #down
        #down "font arial_14 bold"
        #down.text "Downloading LBB.exe"
        if counter>50000 then exit do
        loop until fileExists(DefaultDir$, "LBB.exe")
        if fileExists(DefaultDir$, "LBB.exe") = 0 then
            notice "LBB.exe was NOT Downloaded";chr$(13);chr$(13);"Restart BAS2EXE and Try Again"
            close #down
        end if
        call pause 300
        if downOpen=1 then close #down :downOpen=0
        cursor normal
    end if

    filedialog "Open a Liberty Basic Source File (.bas) ", "c:\*.bas", fname$
    if fname$ = "" then wait
    cursor hourglass
    res = mkDir("BAS2EXE")
    call fixdate
    call fixtime
    dt$ = fixeddate$;"-";fixedtime$
    LBB$ = DefaultDir$;"\LBB.exe"
    fname0$ = GetFilename$(fname$)
    fname0$ = left$(fname0$,len(fname0$)-4)
    open fname$ for input as #1
    open "BAS2EXE\";fname0$;dt$;".bas" for output as #2
    #2 input$(#1, lof(#1))
    close #1
    close #2
    call writeAutoSaveLBB
    run "wscript ";autoSaveLBB$
    run LBB$;" -C -M -A ";DefaultDir$;"\BAS2EXE\";fname0$;dt$;".bas"
    selected$ = fname0$
    loop until fileExists(DefaultDir$;"\BAS2EXE", selected$;dt$;".exe")
    loop until fileExists(DefaultDir$;"\BAS2EXE", selected$;dt$;".exe")
    if fileExists(DefaultDir$;"\BAS2EXE", selected$;dt$;".exe") then
       run "explorer /select, ";DefaultDir$;"\BAS2EXE\";selected$;dt$;".exe"
       notice selected$;".exe was NOT Created in ";chr$(34);chr$(34);DefaultDir$;"\BAS2EXE"
    end if
    cursor normal

sub writeAutoSaveLBB
    q$ = chr$(34)
    global autoSaveLBB$
    autoSaveLBB$ = "autoSaveLBB.vbs"
    open autoSaveLBB$ for output as #1
    #1 "Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject(";q$;"WScript.Shell";q$;")"
    #1 "Do While Not WshShell.AppActivate(";q$;"Save standalone executable";q$;")"
    #1 "Loop"
    #1 "WshShell.AppActivate(";q$;"Save standalone executable";q$;")"
    #1 "WshShell.SendKeys ";q$;"{ENTER}";q$
    #1 "Wscript.Sleep(10000)"
    #1 "WshShell.SendKeys ";q$;"{ENTER}";q$
    #1 "Set WshShell = nothing"
    close #1
end sub

'function for checking file existence
function fileExists(path$, filename$)
    dim info$(0, 0)
    files path$, filename$, info$()
    fileExists = val(info$(0, 0)) 'non zero is true
end function

'function to separate filename from full path to file
function GetFilename$(fileName$)
    i = len(fileName$)
    while mid$(fileName$, i, 1) <> "\" and mid$(fileName$, i, 1) <> ""
        i = i-1
    GetFilename$ = mid$(fileName$, i+1)
end function

    'sub to  create pauses in program
sub pause mil
    while time$("ms")<t
end sub

'edit date$() return for use in filenames
sub fixdate
    global fixeddate$
    fixDate$ = Date$() 'set up a date format that works with a filename(remove the /)
    fix1$ =word$(fixDate$, 1, " ")     ' = Month,
    fix2$ = word$(fixDate$, 2, " ")    ' = Month
    fix2$ = left$(fix2$, len(fix2$)-1)  ' = Day
    fix3$ = word$(fixDate$, 3 ," ")    ' = Year - 4 digits
    fix3$ = right$(fix3$, 2)                ' = Year - 2 digits
    fixeddate$ = "-";fix1$;"-";fix2$;"-";fix3$ ' = -Month-Day-Year
end sub

'edit Time$() return for use in filenames
sub fixtime
    global fixedtime$
    fixTime$ = Time$() 'set up a time format that works with a filename(remove the /)
    fix1$ = word$(fixTime$, 1, ":")' - remove the "." 's
    fix2$ = word$(fixTime$, 2 ,":")
    fixedtime$ = fix1$;"-";fix2$
end sub